My Day In Del Rio TX

The owner of Del Rio Pest Control Pros  visits the town!

Del Rio is a part of Val Verde County in the state of Texas. During my stay in the state, I visited a number of different towns in the area. My visit to Del Rio was a pleasant one and the sites I visited showed me what a cool town it was.


I visited one of the biggest attractions of the town, which was the air force. Laughlin Air Force base is considered the busiest air force training facility in the world. It consisted of tons of state of the art air craft that was both used for years, as well as models that were in development. I was extremely impressed with the discipline displayed by all the staff at the air force base. The base itself consisted of many runways that were both enormous and lengthy. I believe I saw two or three different planes take off in a short period of time. It was amazing to see the speed of all of these planes in action. The staff were also extremely friendly and were able to give me insight on their days and how they craft and control their planes on a day to day basis.


I would highly recommend visiting Del Rio. With the history and the sites such as Laughlin Airforce Base to visit, you wont be disappointed.



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